Automotive Paintings by Ross Cousins

    We have a good friend, Ross Cousins, who lives near our printshop. He casually mentioned that he was involved with the auto industry's "Golden Age" and when Ross showed me some of his paintings, my jaw dropped. These illustrations were important to the automobile companies because artists like Ross could make you feel the presence of the car. Exaggerated perspective, impossibly deep colors, and the chrome! It wasn't until much later that the skill of the photographers improved enough to supplant the artists.

    My very first car is pictured here, the burgundy Olds 88 (a gift from my Dad) and Ross's illustration is eye-popping. I can almost smell the interior again when I look at it.

    We are grateful to Ross Cousins for sharing his incredible art with us for our 2005 calendar.

    Craig Vestal
    Portage Printing

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